Spring Break in Istanbul!

What an amazing spring break. Our entire school went to Istanbul, Turkey for a week and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I tried to change it up this time and let the pictures speak for themselves… enjoy!

We took the smallest plane to Athens due to the possibility of ferry strikes on Paros. It was a 35 minute flight compared to a 4 hour ferry ride… yes please!

It felt like a private jet with it only being HISA students!

First stop: Ayasofya Museum. It’s the most beautiful church/museum I have ever been in!! (Sorry Rome and Greece!) I am in LOVE with the architecture and have never seen anything so big and MAGNIFICENT.

And let the madness begin… Outside the Grand Bazaar.

Everyone on both sides of you are nonstop yelling at you to come inside with things like “Spice girls! Over here!” and “Angel” “Princess” “Blondie” and any other nickname you could imagine. A very common pickup line in Turkey is the men yelling “Hey you dropped something!” at you, and if you turn around they will say you dropped their heart. Overwhelming!

Nonstop Turkish Delights! Delicious and addicting and you can buy them literally ANYWHERE.

This man in the marketplace was selling a special treatment for feet which involved a leech being put on any blisters you may have to “heal” them… I decided to opt out of that one.

An art gallery we came across with some incredibly cool pieces.

HISA dinner out with everyone at a beautiful little restaurant. We got turkish pizza, chicken, vegetables, apple tea, hookah, baklava and rice pudding! Sidenote: The waiter this night was extra stressed by the amount of people so he asked us to give him a round of applause… for bringing out bread. We love bread. Why not!

We celebrated Greek Easter at an Orthodox church in Istanbul. BEAUTIFUL service: candles and singing!

One of our favorite things to do…drink Salep at the cafe by our hostel. Delicious warm drink made out of Orchid powder, milk, and cinnamon.

Always take your shoes off before entering a Mosque to keep the carpets pristine!

It’s a custom for the men outside of the Mosque’s to actually wash their feet before entering.

Wearing our headscarfs to get into the Blue Mosque!

Street sweets!

Turkish Icecream! Tastes like regular icecream but with a gum-like quality.

Turkish public transportation! Crowded and crazy!

Spice Market.

Performers everywhere on the streets, one of my favorite parts about Turkey!

A man at the rug shop who offered me his most elaborate and beautiful rug for my hand in marriage. I just accepted the apple tea instead šŸ™‚

Turkish bread! Fluffy and hollow but turns into a saltine if you don’t eat it before it cools.

And i’ll end with a perfect picture of the Blue Mosque. Wonderful!

Overall it was an incredible trip. I learned SO much about different cultures and I am so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to not only travel to this country, but also to experience this with my entire school šŸ™‚

xxx Hannah


6 Comments Add yours

  1. sheokhanda says:

    great pics showing the life of normal Turkish people..

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Lovely post. Reminded me my first visit to Turkey. Being Muslim, I had much more to see and enjoy. Beautiful country and beautiful people.

  3. quirkyjazz says:

    I’m so glad you liked my blog post. I am going to Turkey this summer, so was very pleased so see your beautiful pics from there!

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      Ahh, have an amazing time! And eat lots of food! And shop a lot in the bazaars. It’s a whole other world!

  4. I went to Bodrum in Turkey last year, it was a lot closer to Greece than Istanbul. It was lovely, but I really would love to go to Istanbul, looks lovely in your pictures, I’m glad you opted out of the leeches though! :p

  5. P.S. Turkish music is lovely, isn’t it? It mesmerizes you! šŸ™‚

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