Kayaking and A Baby Donkey Named Lucy

Do I even need to say it? This clearly was the BEST DAY EVER..

Kearstin and I have been talking about kayaking on the Aegean ever since we first got here. Unfortunately, it’s nearing the end of tourist season on Paros so most places have closed down. Fingers crossed, we asked Barry, the director of HISA, and as usual he came through for us! The very morning we were planning on just hiking to Krios for a beach day, he let us in on a rental place in Kolympithres that was still up and running…more than happy to switch up our plans, we took a taxi straight away! Upon arrival, we wandered down a dirt path towards the water and… FOUND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LITTLE CREATURE I HAVE EVER SET MY EYES ON!!! I immediately melted and named her Lucy while gazing lovingly into this little babies eyes for what most people would think longer than acceptable. I took about 5 videos and 32 thousand pictures and have been scrolling through them teary-eyed ever since.

spotted! Lucy in the distance.

love at first sight.

When we got to the beach I was still day-dreaming of frolicking through the water with Lucy and riding her bare-back over the rocks but alas, not all dreams can come true. We were told that the water sports rentals would be closed until later in the afternoon so we laid on the beach and enjoyed the crystal blue water beneath our toes until it was time to explore the open sea!

Kearstin way out there swimming!
Kearstin way out there swimming!

We finally got squared away with our kayaks; the water was so smooth it was as if we were gliding on ice. We saw an island off in the distance with nothing but a little blue and white church atop the hill. I was hesitant to venture out that far since we had no phones, life jackets, hadn’t signed a single paper, and basically if we disappeared no one would know of our non-existance (gotta love Greece), however, Kearstin seemed confident so we went at it and in no time we were tying up our kayak to the side of the rocky edge and climbing barefoot up the side. I’m disappointed I have no pictures because the views of all the surrounding islands was incredible, but at the same time it felt so free to be in the middle of the Aegean with nothing but our bikinis and a kayak! On the way back, we took a break from paddling once we reached a middle point where the water was so transparent you could see to the bottom and jumped off our boat for a swim. It felt amazing after being in the sun for so long. The salt heavy water is like a pillow around you; it gives an extra lift while you’re floating so you hardly have to do any work at all. We paddled back and exhausted, spent the rest of our time laying out at the beach, taking pictures, and eating at a nearby taverna. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Kearstin lounging.
view from the Taverna.

And yes.. you know I will be visiting my sweet girl again as soon as possible!!

I love Lucy?
I love Lucy?

xxx Hannah


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ever hear of the great big sea song called donkey riding? Look it up!

  2. hannahjane21 says:

    I just youtube’d it and I am dying… definitely going to be my theme song for Santorini this weekend! Haha, thank you!!

  3. Awwww Lucy is sooooo cute! 🙂

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      I know! I can’t even look at these pictures without getting teary eyed.. the sweetest!

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