Santorini, you are perfect.

Seriously. I don’t know how you do it. It seems to me that you, Santorini were handcrafted by the gods to be the most insanely beautiful place ever. What more could anyone want from you with your ridiculous cliff top views, mouth-watering greek comfort food, artsy shops, old bookstores, and YES.. even donkeys. I don’t mean one or two just hanging out on a cliff side, I’m talking TONS of them; long, glorious lines of them walking up and down cobble-stone streets wearing little jingle bell harnesses that make me all giddy like Santa Claus is coming to town and I get all Puss in Boots eyes and just want to gallop off into the sunset!!! Basically, Santorini.. I just love you, never change.

If I weren’t actually a college student who spends the majority of her money on souvlaki and flowy greek shirts, then here’s what I would do… I would buy every single one of my blog readers a first class ticket to Santorini for a week on the island along with an oversized white linen shirt so you would feel authentic because let’s face it… you are reading this blog= you deserve it. (I also would meet you there so we could split an gyro, that way you would have room to have a double scoop of the delicious gelato that is on every single street corner… you’re welcome!)

The ferry ride from Paros to Santorini is about 3 hours; we left on Friday morning and got in around 3pm. It was Kearstin’s birthday so it had already been decided that it was going to be a good night. Right before hopping the ferry I ran to the liquor store and bought her the two things every girl needs on her birthday: a bottle of vodka and a huge chocolate bar. The day was already off to a good start. We spent the afternoon wandering the streets, shopping, and grabbing a bite to eat at Taverna Naussa (which has the most delicious food I’ve eaten in all of the islands– my second time eating there!) I went to Santorini about 5 months ago and this time it was a lot more crowded but still just as beautiful as I remembered. After dinner Kearstin and I got dolled up and I showed the birthday girl a night out on the town!

the birthday girl in her polka dot dress!

Even though we stayed out late I decided I would commit to something productive and wake up at 9am for the hike from Fira to Oia. It took roughly 4 hours and was hot, exhausting, and I have blisters, cuts and chipped nail polish to prove it. I will admit however that I was really proud I’d made it to the end without being the one half a mile behind and crawling through the gravel crying and contemplating my life decisions.

Oia at the farthest point in the distance!
Oia at the farthest point in the distance!

that little dot down at the bottom is, in fact, a boat.

Saturday night we went to dinner at a rooftop taverna that we came across after turning down 10 other places that didn’t feel right… luckily our pickyness was rewarded because we ended up making a great choice, our table was right on the ledge by the cliff with the night lights of the city decorated up and down the cliff side like a christmas tree (we even got a complimentary greek dessert: a plate of melon!) We went out afterwards to another bar we stumbled upon called “Two Brothers Bar.” The atmosphere was relaxed, the bar dwellers were friendly, and I even got drinks on drinks on drinks for free because of the cute greek boy at the door and the DJ too. Lots of dancing, good music, and a great end to our last night on Santorini.

rooftop dinner!

oh hiii.
kearstin lookin’ like a true greek girl!

This morning we went to Ancient Akrotiri and explored the museums before taking the ferry back home to Paros. It was a pretty good weekend that went by too fast, but it’s always nice to hear the digital melody of fur elise play as the ramp to the ferry lowers, and there is Paros, in front of me like an old friend. I always am happiest when I can get back to my apartment and feel like I’m finally home.


Greek Taverna owner, classic.
Santorini, let’s make this work.

xx Hannah Jane


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  1. Good post. Santorini is nice but a bit too commercialised for my tastes. I recommend Naxos or Amorgos as alternatives.

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      You are right about Santorini… but you can’t deny those views. Naxos, yes!! Haven’t been to Amorgos, yet. 🙂

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