‘The Ocean Was Always You’

“When you have swam in the sea
a lake will no longer do;
everyone else was always a pond
but the ocean was always you
[tyler knott gregson]

I came across this poem today and it immediately brought me back to Greece.

And I remembered that I never got the chance to share the self-portrait painted just before returning home.

It was in November that I found love for the first time and Pablo Neruda.

I was surrounded by romance, poetry, and wild colors

living in a white-washed apartment with a balcony and blue shutters;

my favorite place in the world.


I think about it sometimes,

5,000 miles away

in the old house of a Greek woman,

passed down to her grandson,

an ex love,

Now just another piece of my heart still calling me back.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank You for your comments on my poem Mirror child which has a difficult subject. Everything i write is self biographical. I find poetry is the only way i can express myself as I didn’t have a good education so how i write now and where I am with it all is all self taught.

  2. the poem by greggson is lovely.

  3. cheryllovesfood says:

    What a lovely portrait. You are a very talented young lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Hugs! Cheryl

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      thank you so much 🙂

  4. aww thts nice….lyrical and here is some from the OCEAN…..i like the most…Hold on to the thread
    The currents will shift
    Guide me towards you
    Know something’s left
    And we’re all allowed to dream
    Of the next time we touch……….

    You don’t have to stray
    The oceans away
    Waves roll in my thoughts
    Hold tight the ring…
    The sea will rise…
    Please stand by the shore…
    I will be…
    I will be…
    There once more………

    cheers…love-n-peace and thanks for liking pictures on PICZLoad…hope ypu xplore the PICBliss

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