“I Want the Whole World or Nothing”


“How can you say you love one person when there are ten thousand people in the world that you would love more if you ever met them? But you’ll never meet them. All right, so we do the best we can. Granted. But we must still realize that love is just the result of a chance encounter.”

xx hannah jane.


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  1. Even if someone is one in a million, that means there are about 7,000 other people just like them.

  2. This is really beautiful

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      Thank you so much 😀

  3. yazarea says:

    :Good job. It’s beautiful.

  4. bakelikeapro says:

    Very insightful words, Hannah. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I enjoy your entries. Keep up your art, I enjoy seeing it. 🙂

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  5. bakelikeapro says:


  6. Wow! I love the palette you chose for this one and the expressive strokes. Subtle yet vivid; and from this the emotions become very clear. Great work!

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      Ah, thank you. That is very perceptive of you. “Subtle yet vivid” I like that a lot! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more of your photography.

  7. Jayanth says:

    at first the painting expressed sadness, but with the words it conveyed an entirely different meaning altogether! nice work hannah

  8. timhards says:

    That’s a wonderful, beautiful painting Hannah. I love it. The colour, pose, composition. Seriously, I’m often in the galleries around here, checking out what local artists are doing, and if I were wanting to buy something this would be top of my list if I saw it there. Amazing stuff. Turquoise/cyan isn’t my favourite colour, but it works so well, with the skin and hair tones too. It’s the effect of that Greek water I suspect.

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      Oh wow, thank you so much! I’m flattered. Turquoise is actually my absolute favorite color so it was an easy go to.. 🙂 Hmm.. Greece. You may be right!

  9. gn0mel0ver says:

    So incredibly beautiful! And I love how expressive this painting is.

  10. Thanks for stopping my blog! Beautiful paintings too. Jane

  11. oxy21 says:

    That’s just GREAT! I really love it. There are so many feelings in your painting, so many emotions, so many things I can feel only by looking at it 😀
    I cant wait to see more of what you do!
    (Sorry my english is not so good).

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      What? Your english sounds perfect to me, and I love what you’re saying. I’m glad the painting touched you like it did me 🙂 Thank youuu

  12. feralc4t says:

    No. we do not do the best we can, we go out and meet them…

  13. I have nominated you for the Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Award. I chose to be a rebel with the rules and questions and instead chose to showcase the work of the bloggers with whom I find inspiration. It’s nothing more than a big thanks.

  14. Fantastic artwork and I love Bukowski!

    1. hannahjane21 says:

      thank you so much! He’s the king 😉

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